Italian pasta and saffron

Pasta and Saffron

Ours is an ancient durum wheat pasta Cappelli Akrux ®, exclusively Italian, 100% from Organic Farming to which we add Curcuma and Black Pepper.

The production takes place according to the ancient tradition: the pasta is bronze drawn and dried at low temperature to avoid altering the exceptional nutritional properties and to minimize the possibility of producing AGEs, harmful chemicals, at the base of degenerative processes at of the human organism. The Council for Research in Agriculture and the analysis of Agricultural Economics certify the genetic purity of the wheat seed used.

Our saffron exceeds the parameter of the first category by 10%, it is entirely an Italian product, born in fact on the hills surrounding Lake Orta, in Northern Italy. The characteristics that make it unique are: bright color, intense aroma, unmistakable scent and its superior quality.

Pasta and Saffron


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