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Pure Reishi Spore Oil 15 ml

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100% Pure Spore Extract of Ganoderma Lucidum, mushroom used for millennia in oriental medicine for its many benefits, now available as pure extract, maximized by the latest and innovative techniques of CO2 extraction without the use of solvents.

15 ml 1 Month of treatment








The Ganoderma Lucidum also known as Reishi:

it is a mushroom cultivated and used in the East for its many beneficial properties. This natural remedy is a saprophytic mushroom that grow to the bark of oak, chestnut or any other substrate , such as medicinal plants such like Juncao cultivation (where we supply ourselves). To be used for healing purposes, the mushroom can be consumed as an extract. Eastern cultures give Ganoderma Lucidum a privileged role to heal various disorders: it seems to contain some important active ingredients that regulate the lowering of cholesterol, blood pressure, heart arrhythmia and blood sugar. Its properties, always according to the Eastern traditions that consider it as effective as a drug, would allow the human body to achieve a state of balance and physical and mental well-being.

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