Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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The Essential Oil of Sweet Orange, has a sedative effect, relieves inflammation, prevents infections, relieves anxiety and stress, is diuretic and has toning capacity .

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The orange tree (Citrus aurantium) is an evergreen native to China with orange-yellow fruits. The essence of sweet orange is obtained by squeezing. The oil has the same characteristic and pleasant smell of the fruit. There are so many of its properties that you almost do not believe it and instead, the Essential Oil of Sweet Orange is really a great help for many situations.

Orange Essential Oil


Relieves spasms, sedative effect ... Without having the side effects given by chemical drugs and where their use is not necessary, Sweet Orange is wonderful in relieving anxiety, anger, depression and some body inflammation dates from somatization.

Aphrodisiac properties

This is one of its lesser-known benefits: it has slightly aphrodisiac properties and that's why regular use can be of great help to solve problems of frigidity, impotence and decreased libido. Promotes the balance of the hormonal system regulates menstrual flow, stimulates the milk supply, the digestive juices and the production of enzymes.


Wherever there is a cut or an abrasion, there is always the possibility that the wound becomes infected. Sweet Orange thanks to its antiseptic and antifungal properties is also an excellent local disinfectant and anti-inflammatory. 


the essence oil of Orange evokes thoughts of joy and lightheartedness. This is the reason why this oil is so frequently used in aromatherapy. It is perfect for people who suffer from depression or chronic anxiety. Research suggests that Natural Orange Sweet Essential Oil also helps children suffering from anxious states.


the Sweet Orange Essential Oil treats spasms, has a sedative effect, has aphrodisiac properties, relieves inflammation, prevents infections, relieves anxiety and depression, is diuretic and acts as a tonic and has toning capacity.

"Nonna Primula is a small herbal laboratory that was founded in 1983, near the Val Grande National Park in North of Italy. In the production of their preparations are inspired by the 'Ancient Tradition of knowledge passed down from the "Principle" from generation to generation. In light of this philosophy, from the collection of herbs to the preparation of products, the company still reserves a lot of manual work, it the only way today to guarantee excellent "quality"! every product is prepared in the best way and you will have the opportunity to appreciate it ".

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