Mandarin essential oil

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The Essential Oil of Mandarin has an antispasmodic, analgesic, digestive and antibacterial action. It is used against insomnia and anxiety, and is great for preventing stretch marks and for strengthening fragile hair.


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PROPERTY OF MANDARIN ESSENTIAL OIL: The health benefits derived from the use of Essential Oil of Mandarin are mostly inherent in its antiseptic, antispasmodic properties, promoting a good circulatory, cytoplasmic (which helps regeneration of cells of the immune system), purifying, digestive, blood , nervous, sedative, digestive and tonic.

Mandarin essential Oil

Prevents Infections: Helps the wounds promoting scarring, being the Mandarine Oil a powerful bactericide and fungicide, we can say that it is an excellent protector of health.

Relieves Spasms: A spasm is an abnormal contraction of one of the different apparatus, cough, hiccup, colic or vomiting and muscle cramps are spasms. A few drops are enough and the problem disappears.

Improves Blood Circulation: The essential oil of mandarin also improves the circulation of blood and subcutaneous lymph, this means that the skin remains young toned and elastic, in addition it naturally alleviates the hassles of arthritis and arthritis.

Removes Toxins Purifies the blood by helping to remove toxic substances and waste metabolism so you avoid all the typical problems caused by their stagnation: abscesses, boils, acne, gout and arthritis.

Improve Digestion: some drops of this wonderful oil taken after the main meals, facilitate digestion.

Relaxing for the Nervous System: needless to say that it is a great ally to eliminate anxiety and stressful moments.

Promotes Cellular Growth: who is looking for an Essential Oil capable of stimulating cell regeneration and speeding up a state of physical healing, in the Mandarin oil will certainly find an irreplaceable ally.
Painkiller Effect: It is often used with great success in case of inflammation and neuralgia.

"Nonna Primula is a small workshop that was founded in 1983, near the Val Grande National Park in North of Italy. In the production of their preparations are inspired by the 'Ancient Tradition of knowledge passed down from the "Principle" from generation to generation. In light of this philosophy, from the collection of herbs to the preparation of products, the company still reserves a lot of manual work, it the only way today to guarantee excellent "quality"! every product is prepared in the best way and you will have the opportunity to appreciate it ".

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